Monday, April 4, 2016

Where we live/ Conference

April 4, 2016

 Okay, this may be a little boring, but some of you want to see where we live.  So here are the pictures.

This is our apartment building. it has 8 floors and we are on the third.  It is a very nice apartment ,especially for Peru.  I am grateful to have such a beautiful place to stay.  There is no central heating here so I hear it will be chilly in the Winter which is your Summer, so far it has been fine.

Our apartment building.  To the left of the building is the high-end Mall I was talking about.
This lady keeps the apartment building clean, Her little boy stays by her side all day.
We have an elevator, but we usually take the stairs.
Our front door is on the right, but we always go through the back door.

living room 

extra bathroom with shower

Our bedroom with an on-suite bathroom and closets

Lyle's desk, I am on the opposite side of him with my computer.  Behind him is our dining table.

my desk

Laundry with a half bath and tiny room we use for storage.  With those nice big windows it is the sunniest room in the apartment. 
 Actually the back door and this area are supposed to be built for the maid we do not have.  The storage room below would be her bedroom.  The bathroom has a toilet and a shower but no hot water. We think that is sad to think someone would want to live in a space like this, but compared to what most people have, this would be great.  I am lucky because I have hot water for my washer thanks to Elder Johnson who was here before us.  Most people don't have dryers, just the clothes line.

 The kitchen is completely furnished with appliances and dishes

It is an interesting floor plan, here I am standing in the middle of the apartment taking pictures both ways.  Toward the backdoor/laundry room and through the kitchen .  In the other direction this hall leads toward the bedrooms.

We have three bedrooms, So if you want to visit we have space.

A Dog Story

 We were at this "intersection of death" the other day, when I looked out the bus window and saw 3 dogs stop at the curb where there was a cross walk.  They all three looked both ways, then walked across to the middle section, stopped and all three looked both ways again then proceeded to the other side. It was amazing, I sure wish I had a picture.

Look above the bus driver, I have never seen this before.  It is a fan,  Must be his version of air conditioning.

There is that tempting fresh pineapple juice these ladies bring every day.  Check out the bottles they put the juice in.  That is called recycling. 

This is where we watched Conference on Saturday.  We had a TV set up in a separate room for all of us native English speakers. The missionaries brought treats.  I brought chocolate chip cookies and making them was an adventure.  The  ingredients are different, only one beater on my mixer worked, the oven is gas, heats only from the bottom and not insulated well, and we are at a very high altitude, which changes everything (time, temperature and recipe).  After I burnt the 1st two batches, I actually had some cookies to bring and they weren't too bad, but I don't think I will be doing much baking here.
I can't describe how great it was to watch conference with these missionaries, The spirit in the room was so wonderful. Being on a mission is the best!

On Sunday we were invited to watch conference with President and Sister Harbertson and the Haslers, at the Haslers apartment. We had a delicious lunch prepared by the Haslers - yummy mexican food.  Later we sang to Julie Hasler as her birthday is this week and enjoyed chocolate birthday cake and ice cream.

For anyone that is wondering - yes, we are soo excited to get another Temple in Peru.  It will be a great blessing for the people here.  They keep the one they have very busy and I am sure they will keep another one just as busy.


  1. Jana and I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for posting. What different experiences we are having. We love Austria and love working in the archive here at the catholic dioceses. The people here are not quite as humble as they are there in Peru. Pretty hard to get someone to smile at you here. But, we trying to get them to break one, and now and then we actually succeed.
    Love your pictures ... Tad and Jana (Elder and Sister Neilson)

  2. Ah, yes the apartment where we lived for a year. It is quite comfy by mission standards, and the hot water to the washer is a bonus. Note that the maid's quarters do not have hot water plumbed - even to the shower. Yes, the location is ideal, very safe, and convenient. I had to do a little more plumbing on a leaky sink, and some filing on top of a door that warped, there are still a few tools left there for minor repairs. Please say "hola" to Rosanna for us, she was always so courteous and helpful to us, and her little son is so cute - I would bring him a Sublime (local chocolate bar) occasionally. If you haven't figured it out already, the brown recliner is the most uncomfortable and un-ergonomic that I have ever sat in. We got that furniture from the Sandberg's apartment when they went home from Abancay (most of it is still in the extra bedroom).