Friday, May 13, 2016

Mothers' Day in Peru

Happy Birthday, Eliza!  I hope you heard us singing.

Welcome to the bus that was not crowded 10 minutes ago.  This is our transportation around town - not always this crowded- and because I am so old and am a woman,someone always gives me a seat.  Sometimes we take taxi's but mostly we walk or take the bus only 24 cents each.

Washing up after a day at the market.
Mother's Day lunch with the Haslers.

Yummy chocolate dessert to share

Before lunch this little girl wanted to sell these droopy flowers to Lyle to give to me for Mother's Day.  He told her we were going in the restaurant but would buy them when we came out.  When Elder and Hermana Hasler joined us we decided to eat outside because the weather was perfect.  We looked over at the gate of the restaurant and there was this little girl just waiting patiently to sell her flowers to Lyle after he finished eating, So Elder Hasler went over and bought the flowers and we split them up between us, so she wouldn't have to wait any longer.  Surprisingly with a little water they perked right up.

Happy Missionary

Awhile back things were getting out of hand here on the holidays - BBQ's after church and things like that.  One of the Area Authorities came and told them that they shouldn't come to church to celebrate a holiday but to worship our Savior and take the Sacrament.  So even on Christmas and Easter the holiday isn't mentioned.  I was wondering how Mother's Day would be here, because all latin countries go all out for Mother's Day.  Sure enough nothing was mentioned during all 3 meetings.  Then after Relief Society someone came into our classroom and asked us to go to the Chapel/Cultural Hall.  I was so surprised to see all the men standing in the front with their hymn books ready to sing "Love at Home" a capella to us.  It was so sweet.  Then the children came.  Most were not at the Ward they were out visiting their Grandmothers, so we had about 7 beautiful little girls sing to us.  Then they went out of the room and came back with these adorable hand-made egg holders for us.  The men and children then wheeled in a cart with cake and soda pop and served all of us.  No napkins or forks or paper plates, but a piece of the cake box and a beautiful decorated piece of cake that we ate with our fingers.
My cute Mother's day gifts, notice the flowers are no longer droopy

An appointment in this woman's store.

This is the investigator that we came to teach about family history.  When I asked if I could take her picture to put in her My Family booklet, she ran to the room behind the store above and put on her lipstick, fixed her hair and put on her best jacket.  Isn't she pretty? They are so quiet and reserved here, it was cute to see her get all excited about a picture. She is the sister to the woman in the store picture above.  Her sister is a member all ready so we set up an account for the sister while this woman looked on.  The little boy below and his brother played angry birds on Elder Pousen's ipad.  They were laughing and rolling on the floor of the store as they played games on the ipad and we taught familyhistory. Elder Poulsen is very popular with the kids when he pulls out that ipad.

His sticker says Smile.

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