Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Trip to one of Our Favorite Places - Quillabama,Peru

It was drier on this trip to Quillabamba, so we didn't have fog at the top of the mountain we cross over and we were able to get pictures of this beautiful mountain.  Sometimes the fog is so thick at the top of this mountain road that you can't see in front of you.  I heard a story from someone who was on the bus that goes over the mountain that the fog was so thick at the top that the driver stopped the bus and went over to a little catholic church shrine and knelt down and prayed.  He came back got on the bus and safely made it through the fog.

View from our hotel.

Another beautiful park. 

Lyle loves this these trees because of the beautiful orange flowers

There are huge poinsettia plants.

These darling girls ran up to us to have us take a survey for school.  Each girl had us do one for them.  I am sure the survey is pretty messed up when we were the main people answering questions about how we feel about National Flag day and other national holidays.  One question asked if we knew the national anthem.  We said, "no, could you sing it for us?"  They sang and sang - all four verses.  It was so fun to listen to them.

Of course the boys couldn't let the girls get all the surveys, so they came running up to us right after the girls finished their song.  Of course, we answered each survey exactly the same, they probably didn't get the information they were hoping for, but they seemed to only be interested in how fast they could finish them before they had to return to school.

If you can type, you can work.  These men sit here on the street and do typing for people.  They are not automatic typewriters and they all type with only two fingers.  On top of that, they use carbon copies which means they put carbon paper between the sheets they type which makes a copy on the back sheet.  This brought back terrible memories of when I had to type my papers for school this way.  No, there were no computers while I was in school.

This preschool teacher is teaching her students how to march. There are a couple of little girls that have just finished their march sitting on the chairs watching.

More mountain pictures from our return trip

After two days of continuous work, we headed to Cusco, these are some more pictures from our return bus ride.  You can see how much drier everything is this time of year compared to last trip.

ancient ruins

ancient stone walls

It is Harvest Time - Fall outside of Cuzco

gathering  the grain by hand

Mountain top glacier

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  1. You are braver than us, to make the trip to Quillabamba by bus. We hired a car both ways - I doubt that Dawn could have made it on a bus, it was at the max endurance of her tummy just in a car (we hired the entire car). Quillabamba and the members there are delightful, we had such a great time, the members and missionaries are wonderful. Our blog has some fun stories and pictures of our visit there. It is a long way, and the road is so twisty and high over Abra Malaga (14,200ft). I would love to take my touring motorcycle over this road, but I will have to settle for a trip through the desert to 4 Corners next week. The missionaries love serving here, not only because they get a big glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice every day (the real stuff, not Sunny-D in a box), and the people are wonderful. Some members let us pick fresh fruit right off the trees in their yard. I remember our choice of hotels was limited (to 1 think), and even the "best" hotel had black mold growing in the shower. Anyway, you are brave and adventuresome and doing a great work.