Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Cheer

Look who we picked up at the airport!  It has been so fun to have the new Johnsons here.  We have become fast friends.  They will be such a blessing to the people here.  It has been so, so fun to have them here to talk English with and to show them this amazing mission.

An all night fight and 9 hours in Lima to get the Visa paperwork done the Johnsons finally arrived in Cusco.  This is Hermana Susan Johnson with her inked fingers from her visit with Interpol and yes they checked her teeth also.

We had a day long mission conference which included lunch. Yes,CocaCola and InkaCola are served at mission luncheons here in Peru.  We are sitting with President and Hermana Herrera, a member of the Seventy Elder Godoy and the new Johnsons.

We had a member of the Seventy Elder Godoy come and teach us last week.  It was a wonderful meeting.  He explained to us missionaries that the Book of Mormon is not finished yet.  The history of Lehi's family is continuing today and the missionaries serving here are part of that story.  He explained that there are only three countries where there are true Lamanites. Those countries are Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. These missionaries are teaching the gospel to the descendants of the people of the Book of Mormon and their leaders (Mission Presidents) could be called Captain Harbertson and Captain Herrera. Wow, learning that in some small way each of us here are playing a part in the continuing story of the Book of Mormon is an incredible thought.  It is such a blessing to be here in Peru.

Elders Poulsen and Johnson spent about 5 days getting the internet to work at the Apartment.  When they went to the computer parts store, this little boy came in and immediately saw the candy in Elder Poulsen's backpack.  He was grinning at me and pointing to the candy.  He was so adorable, and of course, we gave him the candy.  A few days later Elders Poulsen and Johnson went to the same store for more parts.  This little boy followed them in with a Popsicle and offered to share it with them.  Isn't that sweet?  

Students running out of their school at the end of the school day, with happy cheers that one more day of school is over. and they can enjoy a two month Christmas break. 

Ward Christmas Presentation, of course all in Spanish, but the songs and message are the same as at a home.  All over the world people are celebrating the birth of our Savior right now.

 Mission Christmas Party

 All the mission gathered for a Christmas Party, except Puno and Juliaca (they celebrated the following day).  We had videos, songs and skits that the missionaries from each Zone had prepared.  It was so fun to celebrate with these amazing young men and women.  It was an emotional day for us as we said good-bye to them.  They have been our friends and we will miss them.

Hermana Albuquerque from our district was transferred a few weeks ago to Puerto Maldonado, I have really missed her.

Christmas is always funner with children around.  The two daughters of President Herrera did a dance with the office Elders as part of the program.  It was so cute. 

These are the Office Elders that we work with quite often.  Aren't they handsome?  I just love all these missionaries.

Notice how the chapel can turn into a cultural hall.  These missionaries are patiently waiting for their turn at the Christmas Buffet.

Check out the little boy under the table.  The people here bring their children to work with them.  This is the son of the Caterers and he was having a great time sneaking snacks from the buffet table when no one is looking.

Hermana Davis

After the Christmas Party 3 of our Hermanas had to catch a fight that would take them home as they ended their missions.  It was hard to say good-bye to Hermana Morris (who is the first Sister missionary we met and worked with here) Hermana Barfus and Hermana Hansen.  All 3 have been great friends and helpers to us.

Most houses have a manager scene, this one is on their balcony.  The baby Jesus isn't in the manger yet.  That happens on Christmas day.

A castle house built right between tall apartment buildings in our neighborhood.

An Andean Condor, they are huge.

A conversation with a llama.

One of many baptisms happening each weekend in the Mission.  I love it when I am around to witness them.  

Popsicles and Christmas costumes.

Elder Poulsen getting his hair cut.  The hair salons have these cute chairs for children to sit in while their hair is cut.

We have seen a lot of people coming and going into this man's business. 

A brother and sister are playing together while their mom works in the curtain store.  They made small holes in the bottom of their plastic pop bottles and would shake up the bottle and drink the foam from the small hole.  While we were waiting for the
tailor (I had a suit made to bring home) Elder Poulsen played trucks with these kids, we love playing with the children here.

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  1. We have been hoping to see another post from you. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe journey home. We look forward to seeing you again, and to getting a full rendition of all your adventures. Hasn't this been the most amazing and rewarding year? Many blessings will come to you and your family as a result of this service. Remember to let us know when your report will be, we will round up the Rhoades and Harbertsons who also want to come.

    Con amor,
    Los Johnsons viejos