Thursday, January 14, 2016

A great appointment and traditional Peruvian Food and Dancing

Yesterday we met with a Peruvian newly returned missionary.  He told us of two dreams he had while he was on his mission in Mexico.  His grandmother came to him in the dream and asked him to find her brothers and have the temple work done for them.  Yesterday we helped him a little and then he figured out how to work familysearch by himself.  He sent 12 names to the Temple and he sent requests to familysearch to do his uncles names.  With the 110 year rule he needs to get permission from familysearch,  So as soon as familysearch gives him the okay, the names of his great uncles will be sent to the Temple.  It is difficult to get to the Lima Temple to take your own names, so he decided to just send them to the Temple to speed things up.  We felt like we were witnessing the answer to the prayers of his grandmother, it was a sacred experience.

The Haslers took us to a traditional Peruvian restaurant for lunch where I could have bought guinea pig, lots of people were ordering it.  About an hour before lunch, I had seen the cutest little white guinea pig in a cage being sold as a pet.  I just kept seeing those little pink eyes looking up at me and comparing that to what I was seeing come out of the kitchen all skinless and roasted with the legs all splayed out.  I guess I will have to try it someday, but yesterday was not the day for me. I ordered trout and it was delicious.

There were tourist from all over the world in the restaurant, including 2 tables of Chinese people with their tour guide.  I couldn't decide what was more interesting; watching the dancers or watching all the customers in the restaurant.

 These are traditional dancers that come out and entertain during the meal.  They are serious about their dancing here.  Look at the brightly colored costumes.  Each dance has a different story and a different costume from various areas of Peru.

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