Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A visit to Cuszo's Historic District

 Plaza Mayor is located in the historic part of Cuzco.  It is a beautiful Plaza surrounded by ancient buildings.  The center is a park with fountains and grass.  The Spaniards built these churches on top of the old Incan temples to prove they were in control
 The stones on these buildings are supposedly hand chiseled with stone.  They do not have mortar between the stones.
Are we lost?  These streets wind all around the city.

This is the inside of one of the buildings.  The rooms have been turned into offices.  Lyle is picking up cards with our name and phone number to give to the Elders and Members.

 Instead of  "where's Waldo" we play "where's the Tourist"?  There are people from all over the world visiting this city.

Even the Nun's have things to sell.  This display of breads and pastries is just outside the Convent

These little ladies are everywhere selling to the tourists.  I saw some lovely alpaca sweaters and other textiles.  See the cute little Peruvian dolls?  They know how to get the attention of mothers and grandmothers.

You will find the poor in every country.  Because of the low marriage rate (less than 20%) many women are abandoned and left to fend for themselves.  

The wall of a ancient kings house.  Look at this stone, perfect joints and no mortar.

We are being absorbed rapidly into the culture.  Aren't we cute?

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