Friday, January 8, 2016

Just one more out of order picture.

This is for anyone that wonders what a years worth of supplies looks like at the airport.  Four 50 pound check-on bags and 2 carry-on bags with 2 backpacks.  We are taking all our technology with us, laptops, printers, ink, paper, lots of different cords and office supplies. We will be visiting the homes of the members to help them set up their 4-generation familysearch accounts and hopefully find and take family names to the temple. The missionaries set up our appointments for us - mainly new converts and those who are returning to activity. Very few people here have the technology needed to do this on their own, so we will bring it to them and pray the WiFi  will work.  We also packed our clothes (warm and cold season), shoes, and everything else we will need for the year.  I even threw in 4 and a half pounds of chocolate chips (which I understand you cannot find in Peru), for missionary cookies.

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