Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Tour of the Mountains above Cuzco

The Plaza

Lyle negotiating a tour on a double Decker bus.

These stones are amazing, no one knows how they got here.

This round area was filled with water and used somehow in astronomy.

This is a real family that arrived on horseback for a picnic. Isn't it picturesque? 

Horses grazing.  For about $1.5 you can go on a little ride.  It is so beautiful here. 

potato plants 
A view of Cuzco from the mountains.

The White Jesus over-looking Cuzco.

The children are adorable.  This little one would not look at me, but when I pulled out the camera she started waving.
herding llamas
These little statues are on all the roof-tops.  A blend of Christian and Inca Idols.
 It felt good to be in the mountains for the quiet and fresh air.  When we returned we saw these children with their business all set up.  We also met several Hermanas from Cuzco that were in town.and were able to set up appointments with them to do Familysearch.
Check out this business.  These children each had a scale and  were weighing people and collecting money for it.  

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