Monday, February 1, 2016

Typical Day in Historic Cusco

 Behind me are some men in traditional Spanish dress and playing traditional instruments.
 This is the typical bus we take when we don't take taxis.  Bus fares one way are less than 50 cents for the two of us and Taxis are about $1.30 for the two of  us.  Transportation is inexpensive and very accessible for us.  We have now been without a car for almost a month and we are doing fine.  We just give the taxi drivers some sort of description of where we need to go and they are great at getting us there. Usually it is just one of the churches we are visiting and they seem to know where the Mormon churches are.  After a long bus ride that took us to the edge of town and back and after the time we got off too early and had to walk forever to get to our apartment, we have about figured out how to use the buses.

 The markets are so colorful and the smell of all the fruit and vegetables is amazing.  All of the food is so fresh, it is easy to be a good cook here with all these amazing ingredients.  There are grains and fruits I have never seen before.  It has been fun learning new dishes with these new ingredients, every dish has turned out great so far.

 Lyle is buying Quinua from this lady.  We have been eating a lot of Quinua in salads and soups. It is easy to eat healthy here.
 This is a typical busy street.  How do you like Lyle's hat?  After the first couple of days of having a sunburned head and ears, he decided he needed to wear a hat for protection.  He has been looking for a good hat every since but he hasn't found one he likes yet, so here he is wearing something he found at our house before he left. Notice how tall he is compared to everyone else.  I love it because I can always find him in a crowd.
The people work so hard getting their goods to market every day and then setting in their little booths waiting for customers. I think this Senora deserves her little nap.


  1. Loving your posts, Nancy! (Almost as much as I love Lyle's hat) ;)

  2. Not surprised dad is wearing an ugly hat. At least it's functional. I love the pictures mom! Keep them coming!