Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Ward Talent Show

 We had just finished up an appointment on the lower floor of this church building when I remembered that the ward that meets there was having a talent show.  We ran upstairs and were delighted to be able to catch most of the program.  The families showed us their great traditional dances and the colorful costumes.  The family in the picture above did a middle eastern dance where he magically turned his wife who was a mannequin in the beginning, into a real person.  The girls are his daughters and they were enjoying being dressed up for the performance and dancing with their parents.
This man sang several songs that were about lost love.  They were very sad.  It was so great to see him share his talent.  I don't know how old he was but he was pretty stooped when he stood up and shuffled when he walked.  The MC for the program just stood and held the microphone for him the whole time.
 The people here show respect to the elderly.  They give up their seats on the bus for women and older people.  Especially the young men.  I saw a very handsome, tall Spanish-looking young man that got on the bus and he just looked around the whole time for people he could help, An older woman was trying to get on and she could barely move her feet. He immediately jumped down to the bus entrance and gently led her with both hands on to the bus and made sure she had a comfortable seat. I have seen that over and over.
At about the end of the program they passed out sandwiches and cups of soda.  It was a simple ward activity and I was so impressed by the talent.

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