Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feburary 6, 2016 Choquehuanca

Sorry it has taken so long to post.  We were gone for a week and when we returned our internet was down. We were told it would be fixed every day this week and  finally it was fixed today. Hooray!

 Elder Hasler had to go to Puno, Peru (next to Lake Titicaca) and he took us with him. We visited a small town called Choquehuanca, where Elder Hasler needed to train some of the leadership there.  He is a counselor to our Mission President and the Mission is in charge of the districts, so he has assignments to visit and train in the smaller towns in the mission. On our way we saw these llamas grazing.  The little memorial in the foreground is a grave marker.

While we were waiting for Elder Hasler to finish his training in Choquehuanca, I thought I would shoot a few pictures of this little town.  It is maybe 10 blocks by 10 blocks and full of very old buildings.  It felt like a place that time had forgotten,
The town is full of old houses like this.

This is a happy boy pretending he is riding this motorcycle.  It made me miss my grandson.

 This is the church building in Choquehuanca.  This is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere but they have a nice ward here. They really want us to come back and help them with Familysearch and we will next time we head in this direction.
 This boy is selling some sort of bean pods. He had been sitting here for hours. Look how big those beans are.
 There are little stores like this everywhere in Peru.
 And every town has a market place and a park where there are food carts and people passing the day.

 Below is a view looking down a street.  The girls are herding sheep.

 You can see the kids playing volleyball in the background.  This man was just wandering the streets. It is cold and he has no shoes. Don't you wonder what his story is?
 Some buildings are painted with such bright colors.
Peru is full of the contrast between ancient and modern - not only the buildings but the people too.

This is our view on our way out of town. This is the Altiplano.  Isn't it beautiful?

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