Sunday, February 21, 2016

Puno , Juliaca, Sicuani and lots of work with the Sisters and Elders

Feb 7-13

Here are a few pictures I took before we left Puno where Carnaval was taking place.  Check out the costumes.  There were literally hundreds of groups and bands slowly dancing up the streets.  We had to use ear plugs to sleep at night.  It was fun to watch. 

These boys begged me to take their picture.  Aren't they handsome?

I could do a whole blog about the dogs here.  They are everywhere and seem to be just at home as anyone else.  They are every breed you can imagine.  Most live on the street, but I hear they have owners that feed them.  Actually they don't even need to be fed because there  is plenty of garbage they eat.  Garbage is bagged and put on the streets for the garbage man but the dogs get there first.  These dogs look like the have had a hard day.

 This is Juliaca outside our hotel.  We were crazy busy here..

 Chicken foot soup is served everywhere. It comes as part of the Chicken and fries meals they serve in about as many places as we serve hamburgers in the United States.  The soup is good but I am still not sure about the chicken foot.
Pizza lunch break while working on Family Histories, the Elders and Sisters thought they had gone to heaven.  They never get pizza.  

 These are just a few of the many people we worked with and helped with their family search.  We get all ages and capabilities.  We had several men who just took off with family search after just showing them a few things.  The young people catch  on very quickly.  There are a few people that we have to introduce to the keyboard, but they all are so grateful for the help especially those who get ordinances to take to the temple.

 We road a combie  back to Sicuani and I got to sit by these fun ladies.  They were knitting and talking and included me in their circle of friendship..  Look at their beautiful handiwork made out of alpaca wool.  They wanted me to take a picture of their work.  The people here are so warm and kind.
 This is a woodworking shop across from the Church.  They have a lot nice woodwork here.  They just take their work out on the street when there is not enough room in the shop.

This is a hotel we stay in when we go to Sicuani, I really love it here, it has such bright colors and so many interesting things to see and it is spotlessly clean. The town is smaller and it is a breath of fresh air after being the the big cities we visit. We stayed here our last couple of nights while we worked in Sicuani. Things were a little slower here but we still were able to help about 9 people a day. We headed back to Cusco on Saturday and went to stake conference on Sunday.  The following week, Feburary 15th through the 19th was slower because when we are in Cusco we only get evening appointments because that is when people are home.

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